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I’d Hate to See a Blue Screen of Death in One of These

Windows Embedded Automotive 7 is now in cars you can buy. Via Autoblog:

Windows Embedded Automotive 7 introduces new technologies such as Silverlight, which allows for 2D and 3D graphics improvements, and Tellme speech technology, which allows real-time text-to-speech technology and the ability to respond to text messages using spoken input.

It’s About Making Driving Better, Not Doing It For Me

This company has just released an AR iphone app that you see above. And the first thing I thought was that with all of the DARPA (MIT, etc.) focus on robotic driving in recent years, where has the innovation been around making your driving experience better/safer etc.? This whole AR overlay on your driving experience has so much “legs” to it, I can’t wait to see what’s next…


Study: The Problem With Mass Adoption of EVs in China

From Autoblog:

This study, conducted by the Argonne National Laboratory and China’s Tsinghua University, specifically focuses on China and concludes that mass EV adoption could lead to tremendously higher emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide due to the country’s widespread use of coal as a power source.

Here’s the skinny from the study:

China currently utilizes Euro III emission standards throughout much of the nation, though Euro IV is in use in some larger cities and will slowly replace the older standard within ten years. If charged by the current coal-heavy electrical mix displayed in the table above, EVs would double the nitrogen oxide emissions of Euro III gasoline vehicles.

EVs will not reduce carbon dioxide emissions in China unless coal technologies are improved upon or a shift towards cleaner power generation occurs in the future.

Mass adoption of EVs in China will cause sulfur dioxide emissions to increase by three to ten times the current level. Even advanced technologies such as coal washing cannot reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of EVs down to gasoline-powered vehicle levels.


Yes Please

The other powertrain that we’ll definitely see in the Focus is a full battery electric option. The Focus Electric will join the lineup sometime in 2011 using a lithium ion battery pack and electric drive developed in cooperation with Magna International. The Focus Electric is expected to have a driving range of 80-100 miles.

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Shan Zhai Honda Civic

Reading a few blogs this morning I came across a term I had never head before: Shan Zhai.

Shanzhai (simplified Chinese: 山寨; pinyin: shānzhài) refers to Chinese knockoff and pirated brands and goods, particularly electronics. Literally “mountain village” or “mountain stronghold”, the term refers to the mountain stockades of warlords or thieves, far away from official control. “Shanzhai” can also be stretched to refer to people who are lookalikes, low-quality or improved goods, as well as things done in parody.

Looks like Kia is going the way of the mountain villagers, warlords and thieves. Someone check Honda’s pockets…

Tesla Model S Leaked

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Check out that big, honkin’ dashbard screen. All thoese pixels. So many possible usages…

  • Infotainment
  • Navigational and Hyper-Local content
  • Telemetry based on driving behavior/driving style
  • Diagnostics
  • Max Headroom

Generative Art… With Your E-Type

Using a rig set up in the boot, the following image was created by racing a vintage E-Type. It will be interesting to see what visual “signature” each track creates, or if they all end up looking similar. Essentially, let’s see what patterns this thing creates based on track topography.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous

After my last post railing on a particular microsite – and possibly calling into question the validity of the medium (of a microsite) itself – I’d like to point out an execution I feel is particularly beautiful, immersive and successful: The 2010 Ford Fusion Site, by Soleil Noir.

This execution has it all: gorgeous use of color, slick transitions, clear UI controls and buttons. And it accomplished it’s goal perfectly, in that, I actually got excited about a Ford – WTF!?!?!

Anyway – there’s not too much more to say about this project other than I with they could all be like this.

It’s Ugly, But It Gets You Thinking…

(via Autoblog)

the GINA Light Visionary Model’s outer skin, which is made entirely out of textile fabric that’s pulled taut around a frame of metal and carbon fiber wires. The skeleton of the car is controlled by electro-hydraulic devices and can actually move and change shape beneath the fabric skin. For instance, the headlights of the concept can be exposed or hidden by the car’s skin just like blinking eyes, and the hood opens from the center as the fabric parts to expose the engine. This idea extends to the interior, where BMW designers have made visible only those instruments that are required at a certain time, while the rest of the time the same fabric interior “blinks” them out of view.