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Citeology visualizes the relationships between research publications (via: infosthetics)


Crop Circles in the Stock Market

I read an article in Zero Hedge a while ago about how the “flash crash” in the stock market was a direct result of “quote stuffing”, a fraudulent practice designed to manipulate stock prices in predictable directions enabled by the over-automation of the market through algorithmic trading.

Recently I stumbled upon a daily blog dedicated to revealing patterns in stock data that aims to visually show patterns that are most-likely intentional and purposeful – not the truly random movements of normal market chaos. They call these visual phenomena “crop circles”.


Feltron Is At It Again

Absolutely beautiful personal data visualizations are now available to view in Feltron’s 2009 Annual Report. Don’t forget to buy a copy. Someone tell Mulvey his designer-crush just turned a new page (literally).


Viz Fun and More Viz Fun

As Mulvey put it earlier, “can I get 6 months off to learn PV3D already?”

Picture 1

Picture 2