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Underwater Base Jumping

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

Amazing YouTube video from a Uruguayan director. As if the video wasn’t impressive enough, it was evidently made for less than $300.

More on the BBC.

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Sputnik Observatory

I stumbled across these videos the other day. Between this and TED I can see myself devoting even more of my day to ideation/stimulative thinking.

Great List of AE/3DS Max Video Tutorials

For those with some free time  I recommend delving into some tutorials provided by our friends at Smashing Magazine. Be careful thoiugh, linked content may become addictive.

This is Almost an Amazing Idea

Getty Images now has an interactive mood board generator. It’s a great start of an idea but isn’t precise enough to be totally useful. Whereas I appreciate a more general approach will facilitate the unexpected, when I tried to use this tool to generate for me mood boards for a project I’m working on it came up flat. I also would want to be able to provide feedback and refinement while the stream is playing – to kind of set it loose and calibrate on-the-fly…

I recommend playing with it though – I think it’s a great start to a great idea – it just needs more strategic and feature-filled refinement.

Arianna Spars With Chuck Norris On Larry King

This is not a “heated debate”. It’s an obviously ignorant individual completely out of their mental/reasoning league attacking their interlocutor ad-hominem (as is so often the case with the Republicans on TV) to prevent sound ideas being expressed over the air. Let’s all call a spade a spade and stop giving mental morons a soap-box.
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I Actually Agree With Him

Start watching from 11:11. He makes a lot of valid points. Learn more. Link straight to the video.