Data Processing Agreement Scope

Customer data: any information or data, in any form, that may be stored, entered, processed or retrieved by the customer`s computers, communication systems or other equipment, including the customer`s personal data, including the customer`s personal data and data processed by the customer when providing goods or services to his customers. This HubSpot data processing agreement and its appendices (“DPA”) reflect the agreement between the parties regarding the processing of personal data that we have entered into on behalf of you in relation to HubSpot subscription services, in accordance with The HubSpot customer terms between you and us (also known as “Agreement” in this DATA agency). Online replicators and backups: Production databases are designed, where possible, for you to replicate data between no less than 1 primary database and a secondary database. All databases are secure and managed by at least industrial methods. one. The data exporter agrees that these clauses constitute confidential information of the data importer, as defined in the agreement, and cannot be disclosed to third parties by the data exporter without the prior written consent of the data importer, unless the agreement permits. This does not preclu her disclosure of these clauses to a person concerned, in accordance with paragraph 4, point h), or to a supervisory authority referred to in paragraph 8. 2.9 The subcontractor must correct or delete the data if requested by the processing manager and if it enters the scope of the authorized instructions. If it is not possible to delete in accordance with the data protection provisions or a corresponding limitation of processing, the subcontractor, on the basis of the instructions of the manager and, if otherwise agreed in the contract, destroys all media and other media, in accordance with data protection requirements, or returns the same to the responsible manager.

The data is processed for the following purpose: to allow the controller`s end users to schedule online appointments. (h) that it has previously informed the data exporter in the event of subconscition and obtained its prior written consent; Detection: We have designed our infrastructure to record a lot of information about system behavior, received traffic, system authentication and other application requirements. Internal systems have aggregated the protocol data and warn the appropriate personnel of malicious, involuntary or abnormal activities. Our staff, including security, operations and assistance personnel, respond to known incidents. 4.4 The subcontractor ensures that all staff, representatives, senior managers and contractors involved in the handling of personal data are informed of the confidentiality of personal data and are contractually required to treat personal data confidentially; (ii) have received adequate training on their data transformer functions; and (iii) are bound by the provisions of that authority.