Stock Transfer Scheduling Agreement Sap

I mean, is there a way to get rid of the need to manually reload for manufacturing orders? something like a list of automated manufacturing commissions? Test rule for transfer plans. However, a delivery plan is a form of purchase framework contract in which materials are purchased on specified dates within a specified time frame. A delivery plan consists of a set of items for which a type of supply is defined. The default setting is automatically placed when the product is received if the amount of GR is the same as the amount of GI. This is the case for intergroup and intragroup transfers. In order for the materials to be transferred from one plant to another, you can have the requested quantity checked. To do this, you insert the test rule. It defines the requirements that must prevail over inter-factory transfer bookings. Contract The contract is a draft contract, and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. Contract consists of two types: Try with MB5T. To health! Naval: Pavel Cyprian via sap-r3-log-mm wrote:> Read the most popular SAP problem solution today> artikel.>> > Archive:> > Dear Guru, > > one of our logistics processes> sends deliveries from one of our plants (Factory A) to > another of our B factory (within a company code). > For this, we use purchasing planning> relocation agreement (lu document type) .> The SAP procedure consists of three steps: > > step 1.

This is done > is made by tx VL10B, delivery is made with the> reference to the purchase of sched.agreement.> Step 2: Reservation of the output of goods for delivery via> tx VL06 – the material is transferred to the transit stock > factory B (mov.type 6) 41)> Step 3: Reservations for receiving goods at Factory B via tx> MIGO – here we use the receipt of oprion goods for deliveries> delivery (R05) > > Is there a standard report, which shows our > logistics, for deliveries have already been booked> out of goods, but not yet receiving goods in another pants> – this means what deliveries are “on the way”?> > Has anyone experienced anything with this> can it help to show such deliveries?> > Pacel Cyprian> > > > `Archives:>> -Manage Subscriptions:> `Leave Group:> `Need Subscription Help?>> `Terms of Use:>> -Copyright (c) ITtoolbox and post-author. No> redistribute.> A standard STO is a unique document for a single transaction, just like a single order to a supplier. Whenever it is necessary to transfer stocks; a new STO must be created. In this step, you enter the shipping-specific data for inter-factory relocation processing. B for example the customer number of the delivery plant. When buying, you can request and monitor a reworker in the following re-ensponnation documents: Choose from the Purchase seranieren menu. / Known delivery.