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Connecting physicians, their practice and their patients

MedOS.us is an Android application that I’m designing, developing and bringing to market. It brings together physicians, their practice and their patients to surface the right information in the right context.

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Crowdsourcing on Facebook

The project began by understanding who our dedicated user-base of crowdsourcers were and what made them tick. We then crafted tools and experiences that massively increased the number and quality of crowdsource claims in the system, while aligning the visual and interaction design to be more consistent with the rest of Facebook.

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CA Securities

Identity Minder

Who says that list-views can’t be beautiful and fun to interact with? This project for CA securities aimed to make some of the simplest enterprise-tasks not only useful, but a joy to use.

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Curated e-commerce

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I worked with Rodale, a large publisher of health and fitness publications, to help envision their curated e-commerce presence. A modern layout, premium color palette and sophisticated use of typography were driving forces in the design.

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TripAdvisor for Business

Maximizing business owners' presence on TripAdvisor

My team redesigned the management dashboard, research and marketing sites for TripAdvisor for Business. In doing so, we wanted to consistently establish a balance between clean, clear information design and their illustrated-style brand textures.

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CA Securities

One Time Password

How can you make the act of refreshing a user’s password fun and addictive? By adding a little “brick-breaker into the mix.”

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Experimental rebrand

While experimenting with a generative flash script, I explored using the color fields it created to rebrand the design firm I worked for at the time.

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